In Search of Fate





“In Search of Fate” is the story of a dedicated altruist, Adam Questor, and his self-determined mission to serve others in some meaningful way.  The novel begins with Adam’s personal tryst of conscience regarding a decision thrust upon him by the apparent suicide of a colleague. In his capacity as Vice President of Genetic Research and Development at Global Pharmaceuticals, he must decide whether to make his company the sole treatment proprietor of this colleague’s life changing genetic breakthrough or to make this new discovery more broadly available for the benefit of all. Anguishing over this decision and the death of his colleague, he seeks refuge in a monastery. His company’s CEO, Ralph Edwards, suspects Adam has knowledge of this breakthrough and fears his altruistic bent. With the help of a brilliant psychiatrist, Evelyn Wyman, Edwards hopes to find out what Adam knows under the guise of her support and counsel. But patient and therapist bond and, together, choose to defy his plans. As a consequence, they face unrelenting pursuit by Edwards’ hired thugs who threaten them with assault, kidnapping, and even murder. With the help of his dead colleague’s artificial intelligence, Adam and Evelyn attempt to stay one step ahead of their pursuers while seeking a safe disposition for their terrible secret. In the process both realize an end they could not preconceive: for Evelyn, a lasting love; for Adam, a destiny not sought without, but uncovered within.  He confides this discovery to Evelyn, “Our task in life is to discover our worth for the sake of others.”


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