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Writing a biographical sketch about oneself is rather egocentric. Given that readers sometimes like to know how an author’s life influences his/her work, it is perhaps understandable that some autobiographical tidbits should eke out into the social sphere. The problem, of course, is one of relevance. Although it is true that I entered a seminary at the age of twelve, my search for the great truths of life and love at that early age was largely adolescent. Nevertheless, that search admittedly had more than a little bearing on the religious antagonism of my first novel, “In Search of Fate,” between conscience and orthodoxy. The protagonist, Adam Questor, never ceases to question what guides his decisions--constantly looking for meaning and purpose outside of himself. When he finds a woman who wants to walk with him on his chosen path, he finally uncovers within himself that heart-felt spark of compassion that would make truly real his desire for a life of service.

After graduation from college and a stint as a social caseworker in Watts, I found myself drafted into a war that challenged my faith in country and humanity. My second novel, “A Culpable Innocence,” was a humble attempt to capture the angst and heroism of soldiers forced to make sense of the darkest reality conceivable. Certainly, some part of the personal betrayal I experienced broke through in the telling of that story. The experience of death and human tragedy not only serves to delegitimize the rationale for war but also inspires us to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those forced to survive its consequences.

Still, the stories I write bear just a surface resemblance to the experiences of my personal life. The facts of my supposed achievements—in academia, military service, business career, or parenting (specifically, two beautiful daughters)—only affect the tools I use as a writer to translate the inner light that guides my hand at the keyboard. In the moment of creating characters and storylines, my ear is tuned solely to a siren muse. I believe that muse sings to all who avail themselves of its song. If my readers are listening with me, then we are as one and equally awake to life and beauty and love. My third novel, “A Life Apart,” perhaps more closely captures what my life has taught me, though one would find little therein to associate with the events and misadventures of a personal biography. Frankly, its main character, Mirabelle, had much to teach me. What is relevant in her story is the reality she revealed to me and, hopefully, to my readers. (One of her insights is captured in an excerpt from that novel. Click here to read it.)

Currently, I am blogging and planning the continuing saga of Adam Questor, the protagonist of “In Search of Fate.” That novel, my first, was published after the two already mentioned. The delay in publishing it was brought about for two reasons. First, I was not as confident in its central themes as I am now: perhaps, I thought, they were too personal for readers to identify with. Secondly, it was initially intended to set the stage for sequels that I had not the time to work out. So, if reader interest now justifies my intent, there will be future chronicles of the Questor family.


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