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The excerpts provided here are meant to entice your interest. Reader reviews of “A Culpable Innocence” (cf. indicate that there is a well of interest there yet to be fathomed. Now that “A Life Apart” and “In Search of Fate” have been published, they too will become available to public scrutiny. In truth, no author writes in a vacuum, unmindful of imaginary readers looking over his/her shoulder. Writing is actually a collective act. The writing comes from that inner space we all share and, if expressed authentically, demands to be in the public domain. My hope is that something in my personal vision will resonate with readers. To believe otherwise would be to relegate any authenticity to mere solipsism.


“A Culpable Innocence”

“In Search of Fate”

“A Life Apart”


The Guard Tower

Questor’s Problem

John Paxton Meets Chloe


First Combat

First Meeting

Jill Paxton’s Angst


Anticipating the Nightly Attack

The Mountain Hermit

Billy Paxton’s Issues


The Politics of War


The Therapy Session


Naïveté or Guilt in Love and War

Dinner Intrigue

Post-Christmas Dinner


Preparing for TET

A Plan Materializes

Chloe’s Graduation Party


TET Offensive Begins

New Love Meets Violence

A Bedside Dialogue


Military Intelligence Plans for Regis

The Face of Christ

Jill Breaks with Addiction


Regis’ Friend is a Casualty of War

A Spelunking Discovery

Escalation in Plans to Kill BTM


A Game of Chess

The Detective’s Case Summary

A Matter of National Security


A Returning Vet

Kidnapping for Ransom

A War of Words



A Personal Fate Realized

A Reflection


Extended Synopsis

Extended Synopsis

Extended Synopsis






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