In Search of Fate

Chapter 5: The Therapy Session


When they arrived at Evelyn’s apartment complex, Questor asked the cab driver to wait as he walked Evelyn to the front door. She turned at the door and threw herself into his arms. Questor buried his face in her hair and whispered, “As much as I don’t want to leave, I must carry out our plan. You’ll be safe inside.” They separated. Evelyn’s eyes were filled with tears. Questor became worried. “My god, I’ll never forgive myself for exposing you to this danger.”

“Adam, my dear fool, I’m not crying because I’m afraid, though I won’t deny that I am, for both of us.”

The sense of what she said slowly dawned on Questor.  He took her face in his hands. Their eyes were fixed on each other as he moved close. Ever so softly he kissed her on the lips. “You must go now. I don’t know if I have the strength to pull away from you.”

Evelyn broke into a burst of laughter. She reached for the door and slowly opened it. “I wouldn’t want my hero to lose his strength.”

“Here,” Questor handed her his business card, ‘Call me on my cell as soon as you lock the doors behind you, okay?”

“Okay, my hero.” Evelyn was through the door before her glazed eyes fell upon the security guard.

He sheepishly looked away as he said, “Good evening, Miss Wyman.”

Evelyn was not embarrassed at all. She lit up in a broad smile. “Good evening, Mr. Haroldson. It is an incredibly good evening indeed!” She walked briskly past his desk towards the elevators.

Questor, in the meantime, had returned to the cab. More time had elapsed than he realized, but the cab driver had not moved. As he dropped into the rear seat, he felt the weight of his body for the first time within the last hour or so.

“Where to, Mr. Double Agent?”

Questor saw a smiling face in the rear view mirror. “I need to mail something at the nearest post office. But I don’t have it packaged or addressed yet. And I don’t imagine there’s a post office open at this hour. I guess I’ll have to settle for a mail box. Do you have any ideas?”

Mista’, I surely do. You just happen’ to get yourself into the right cab tonight. UPS is open ‘til 10:00 PM at the airport. That’s where my wife works. Hell, she’d be happy to help with the packagintoo. . . especially when I tell her it’s for a double agent and all.”

Questor’s cell phone rang. To the airport then . . . and thanks.” He brought the phone to his ear. As soon as he heard Evelyn’s voice, he felt gratefully relieved. He could almost feel her breath on his face as she told him she was safely behind locked doors and that her apartment appeared normal. The intimate tenor of her voice reawakened the glow of their recent parting. Once again, he told her that he didn’t want to leave her, but knowing that she was safe would make it easier for him to do what he had to do. After he closed the cell phone and returned it to his pocket, he noticed the smiling face in the rear view mirror. Addressing the driver, he said, “It would be best if you forget about this evening. I doubt that anybody would ever ask you about us. But it wouldn’t be good for either of us if you got involved.”

“I ain’t seen nothin’. Whatever I read in the paper tomorrow about break-ins and such will be just as big a surprise to me as any other dude. Tonight, I’m just glad to be helpin.’ You two are the most smittin’ folks I ever did see. My wife and I would be honored to do what we can for y’all.”

After her brief phone call with Questor, Evelyn proceeded to her bedroom. Languorously, she began to undress, spent as she was from the emotional rollercoaster of her day.  Although she had checked her apartment for anything out of place, she had not noticed that the door to her balcony was unlocked and slightly ajar. She never used to lock it since she lived on the eighth floor. But recently she began to lock it before she left the apartment, as she had done on this day.  Normally she would shower after disrobing. Tonight she just wanted the comfort of her bed. She put on her flannel nightgown, threw back the blankets and propped herself up with pillows. Her body felt warm all over. She pulled her knees up to her chest, letting her nightgown slide down to her waist as she reached for the book on her night stand. Her mind was racing with the remarkable images of her evening. Maybe her regular routine would settle her mental state and prepare her for sleep. She opened the book. As the pages fluttered open, she thought she heard a slight swishing sound elsewhere. It was hardly noticeable, like the slight wafting of a curtain before a soft breeze. Evelyn looked up from her book momentarily, and then dismissed what she thought she heard. Her mind was still caught up with events, making it almost impossible to focus on anything. The thought of her building’s super crossed her mind. She put the book down and rose from the bed. As she walked toward the phone in the other room, she passed the sliding door to the balcony. Unguarded and unsuspecting, she was not prepared to resist the strong arm that grasped her about the neck.

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