In Search of Fate

Chapter 4: A Weekend Interlude


After a considerable amount of time, their meandering brought them to a designated Bay lookout point. They found a bench and sat down next to each other. Evelyn rested her head on Questor’s shoulder.  Her voice was close and melodic, a gentle warble in Questor’s ear.

“Adam, I’m worried about your safety, about what Ralph might do. He has no moral center and is capable of almost anything. He’s not like your righteous early mentors. He is unpredictable. The only principle that guides him is what serves his interest at the moment.”

Questor turned his head and spoke quietly into Evelyn’s hair. Her scent pulled him into her so that he felt like he was talking to an alter ego. “He does have reasons to distrust me. He felt I betrayed him and Global over the KP90 distribution issue. But, after that display the other night, I don’t think he likes you any better. The more we try to evade his attempts to find out what I know, the more determined he’ll become. We must move quickly with a plan. I think he already knows that John has confided in me and he suspects that I may have confided in you. As much as I tried at that dinner to distance myself from you, I failed miserably in hiding my attraction to you. Besides, your sister seemed to know something about us even before she saw us together. I’m not amiss in guessing that she was playing matchmaker, am I?”

“No, she was obvious. I should have known better than to confide anything to her. Naturally, she only has my interest at heart and has no knowledge of Ralph’s machinations. But I should’ve been more circumspect when I told her about you.”

“Oh, and what did you tell her about me?”

“Only that I finally met a man that I could relate to.” Evelyn moved her head slowly backwards. Questor leaned his towards her. His lips brushed across her nose and then her lips. They kissed for the first time.

When their lips finally parted, Questor opened his eyelids and found himself lost in the pools of Evelyn’s dilated pupils. He said, “I’m happy for both of us because that man feels the same way about you.”

Tears began to fall down Evelyn’s cheeks. Questor started to kiss away her tears, but she gently separated herself and held his face caressingly in her hand. “Do you think this is awfully sudden? We haven’t known each other for even a week. My emotions are running away with me. Can I trust what I’m feeling? Can you?”

“I don’t know if I can trust what I feel at this moment because I’ve never felt this way before. But I do know that I trust you with all my heart. That’s all that matters right now. If you trust me as well, then do we really have to worry about our relationship? It will develop at whatever pace that’s comfortable for both of us.”

Evelyn wiped away the wetness on her cheeks. “I do trust you. Maybe what’s affecting me right now is my loss of composure. I feel like a silly schoolgirl.” Suddenly, Evelyn jumped up. “I’m being ridiculous.” Questor rose up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. Both faced the water. Gently she freed herself of his embrace. Taking his hand, she led him to the railing, overlooking Chesapeake Bay. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

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