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Text Box: “A Culpable Innocence,” originally published in 2011 under the now defunct Vantage Press label, was actually my second novel. Its 2nd Edition was republished in 2013 and is now available. The novel, set in the 1960’s and against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, traces the story of Regis Fallen as he attempts to secure the promise of the American dream in the midst of racial, political, and military strife. Befriended by a Vietnamese judge, Nguyen Ba Linh, and his seductive niece, Regis is drawn into their world of political intrigue and espionage where his preconceived ideas are challenged. His war adventures take him through harrowing artillery assaults, a fatal confrontation with the enemy during the TET offensive, involvement in covert operations, and a romantic entanglement. He begins to question everything he was told about the war and to re-access his relation with the girl he left back home. Finally, he realizes what course of action he must take, what commitments he must make. With life and love in the balance, he risks all as he discovers the meaning of Linh’s words, “Live what you believe, else you live not at all.” 
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Text Box: “A Life Apart,” my third novel, began as another enterprise with Vantage, but instead became available through BookWhirl in 2013. It is about a family beset with personal crises and their inability to relate to each other. Their individual problems threaten to isolate them even further from each other. The father’s company bears the scrutiny of the Pentagon and the threat of foreign terrorists. His wife is drifting towards a neurotic breakdown. His son is addicted to cocaine; and his daughter is suffering from a mysterious malady. But it is the daughter’s inward transformation that holds the key to liberating this dysfunctional family from its internal malaise and external harassment. She finds that point of personal meaning that at once defines the center of her life and connects her to everything and everybody. Her self-realization shines a light on a path that brings the other family members together. Though her story begins at its end, the journey to that end is retold with the foresight of a wisdom dearly won.
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Text Box: In Search of Fate,” was actually the first novel I wrote. It became available in March, 2015. Its hero, Adam Questor, is an altruist in search of a self-perceived mission to serve others on the broadest scale conceivable. The novel begins with Adam’s personal tryst of conscience regarding a decision thrust upon him in his capacity as Vice President of Genetic Research and Development at Global Pharmaceuticals. He must decide whether to make his company the sole treatment proprietor of a major genetic breakthrough or make this new discovery more broadly available for the benefit of all. With the help of a brilliant psychiatrist, Evelyn Wyman, he chooses to embark on a path that defies his superiors and risks both his and Evelyn’s lives. Together they face unrelenting pursuers, kidnappers, and murderers. Both realize an end they could not preconceive: for Evelyn, a lasting love; for Adam, a destiny not sought without, but uncovered within. He confides this discovery to Evelyn, “Our only task in life is to discover our worth for the sake of others.”

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